Barolo Riserva Ravera


The vineyard this cru comes from stretches over the hillside, magnificently exposed to the midday sun, in the municipal district of Novello.
From time immemorial, this wine-growing area has been classified by Novello producers as one of the most ideally suited to the cultivation of the Nebbiolo cultivar.

This wine impresses us with the tone, intensity and extraordinary beauty of its ruby red colour, with garnet reflections standing out in its crystal-clear brilliance. The abundant formation of ‘church windows’ and tears confirms its extraordinary generosity.

Its bouquet is very intense, pervasive and lingering. It recalls the fragrance of wilted rose, mountain flowers and fine wood species. 

On the palate the first impression is warm and mouth-filling, leading us to its great structure, rich in balance and gravitas. The tannins tend to be sweet, confirming the full essence of the Nebbiolo cultivar. A good level of acidity makes it a pleasant and appetizing wine. Its lingering aroma is drawn out and rich in nuances.

AVAILABLE VINTAGES : 2009/2008/2007/2006/2005
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Guida Prosit | ONAV 2015 1 Prosit    PDF
Bibenda 2013 No media download found.
Vini d'Italia | Gambero Rosso 2013 No media download found.
Vinum Magazine für Weinkultur 2006 17,5    PDF