Dolcetto d'Alba


Each hill – as well as each vineyard – produces a typical Dolcetto with different and easily recognizable features. The unique soil components of the Langhe – rich in minerals –gives to the Dolcetto of this area structure and body with a rich nose and palate. 

Grape Variety: Dolcetto. Geographical location: vineyards in Castiglione Falletto and La Morra. 
Processing: the grapes are harvested only when fully matured and the vinification starts straight away when they get into the cellar. First it comes the destalking, soft pressing, follows a fermentation – which is tumultuous and takes place at about 28°C in stainless steel tanks – then it follows the maceration. This consists in leaving the must in contact with the skins and pips – according to the tradition. After racking, the ideal conditions for a perfect malolactic fermentation are created in the cellar. 
Maturation and aging: the wine is kept in stainless steel tanks for 6 months to preserve its freshness; a short aging in the bottle follows before being sold. 
Charateristics: the colour is ruby red with violet shades that fade away as time goes by; the nose is delicate, floral, intense, full and lingering; fresh, fruity, full and complete palate
Serving temperature: 16°-18°C

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