1914 GOOD

1915 POOR

1916 FAIR


A wine with good structure. Very tannic and aromatic with a pronounced taste, good acidity, rustic but interesting and surely age-worthy.

1918 FAIR

1919 GREAT

A full-bodied wine, with a good balance of tannins and acids. Very harmonious and pleasing.

1920 GOOD

A well-structured wine, tannins and acids are balanced although not excessive.

1921 FAIR

1922 Excellent

A wine with excellent structure and richness of colour, tannins and acids. A greatly-balanced wine of great desirability. Age-worthy bottles that offer excellent promise for the future.

1923 FAIR

1924 GOOD

A pleasing and balanced wine. A desirable supply of tannins combined with the presence of slightly sharp acids assures a fair long life.

1925 FAIR

1926 FAIR

1927 GREAT

A structured wine of good colour and acidity. Abundant in tannins tending towards soft and a fair acidity define its accessible and pleasing taste.

1928 FAIR

1929 GREAT

Wine with a notable structure and good alcohol gradation. Intense and pronounced aromas assure to this wine a pleasing and seductive taste. Surely age-worthy and promising for the future.

1930 FAIR

1931 Excellent

An age-worthy, extremely pleasing and very tannic wine, shows great colour and structure because of the Michet variety used. A wine with surprisingly great personality .

1932 FAIR

1933 POOR


A rich wine in its characteristics. Because of its great balance and optimal sapidity, this highly pleasing wine reveals itself a certain promise with a brilliant future.

1935 FAIR

1936 FAIR

1937 GOOD

A well-structured wine with a good balance of tannins and acids that make it very pleasing. The presence of the new clones planted in the ‘great’ vineyard is visible through its slightly intense colour. This wine promises an evolution in quality in the future.

1938 FAIR

1939 POOR

1940 FAIR

1941 POOR

1942 FAIR

1943 FAIR

1944 POOR


Finally, after many damaged vintages, a wine of superb appearance, good colour and a fair supply of tannins followed by a pleasing level of acidity. This Barolo was awaited for long and sets the premises for less ravaged yields which have long afflicted the hills and our crops.

1946 GOOD

A well-structured wine with delicate and persistent aromas; a fair presence of tannins and acids enhances the intense flavour sensations. Appears disharmonious but is seductive.

1947 Excellent

An opulent wine of exceptional structure and complexity. An array of velvety and elegant flavour sensations make justice to its noble, ample and persistent aromas.

1948 FAIR

1949 FAIR

1950 GOOD

A wine with good structure and composed of varied characteristic, features delicate and persistent aromas. Despite seemingly disharmonious, a fair amount of tannins and acids enhances its agreeable bouquet of sensations.

1951 GOOD

A wine of good structure and aromatic sensations. Agreeable and persistent flavours, this wine presents a good balance and harmony.

1952 FAIR

1953 POOR

1954 FAIR

1955 GOOD

A remarkably structured and generous wine. Intense and persistent aromas, a pleasing and complex taste. A balanced and harmonious wine.

1956 FAIR


A wine of big structure and generosity. Intense and persistent aromatic sensations; remarkable balance and harmony.

1958 GREAT

A full-bodied and warm wine with a big structure. Intense and very ample aromas; an agreeable streak of acidity combined with sweet tannins contribute to its softness and elegance.

1959 POOR

1960 POOR

1961 GREAT

A wine of remarkable structure and elegance. An ample and persistent bouquet. Sweet tannins, moderate acidity, balance and harmony endow this wine with a rare sophistication.

1962 FAIR

1963 POOR

1964 GREAT

A majestic wine in its structure and complexity. Noble, ample and persistent aromas; the noticeable presence of tannins holds a promise of longevity.

1965 FAIR

1966 POOR


A notable structure and body, intense and pleasing aroma; the presence of tannins tending to sweet and remarkable acidity are promises for an excellent future.

1968 GOOD

Its structure with pleasing and intense aromas anticipate a wine of rich flavour sensations. Notable for its appealing softness.

1969 FAIR

1970 GREAT

A wine of remarkable structure and generosity. Rich, ample and persistent bouquet. Its great balance and the warmth of alcohol attenuate its abundant tannins and acids.

1971 Excellent

Austere and exceptionally noble, this wine presents structured and rich characteristics and possesses an impressive range of flavour and aromatic sensations. A wine of remarkable balance and elegance.

1972 POOR

1973 FAIR


A wine distinguished by a notable structure and a perceptible and well-balanced presence of tannins and acids. Presents an ample, intense, pleasing and persistent aroma. A wine of austere elegance and great harmony.

1975 GOOD

Rich and well-structured with an ample and persistent bouquet. The wine presents a noteworthy balance between tannins and acids, a fine harmony and elegance.

1976 FAIR

1977 FAIR

1978 GREAT

A very well-structured wine. Intense and significantly ample aromas. Excellent balance and harmony. The tannins are noticeable but tending to sweet.


A wine of excellent structure and complexity. Elegant, complex and very intense aromas; noticeable tannins and acids. Great austerity and harmony.


A vigorous and well-structured wine with seductive and ample aromas; well-balanced and harmonious. Presents austere and elegant final sensations.

1981 FAIR

1982 Excellent

A rich wine presenting a big structure and complexity. Its noble, ample and persistent aroma enhances the velvety and elegant flavour sensations.

1983 FAIR

1984 GOOD

A complex and well-structured wine. Showing delicate, ample and persistent aromas; a fair presence of tannins and acids intensifies its intense flavour sensations. Seemingly disharmonious but full of promises.

1985 GREAT

A wine with extraordinary structure and complexity. Elegant and irresistible aromas. Sweet tannins and a balanced acidity combine in noble and elegant flavour sensations.

1986 GOOD

Its qualities of notable structure and complexity are the result of a limited yield damaged by spring harsh hailstorms. The wine consists of polychromatic and very intense aromas, evolved tannins combined with full-bodied flavour sensations.

1987 FAIR


A remarkably structured wine. Ample, persistent and intense aromas; a wine of great complexity with noticeable tannins and acids. Because of these qualities it is regarded to be long-lasting.

1989 GREAT

A wine with a majestic structure and generosity. Ample, persistent and intense aromas. Presents richly pleasing and elegant flavour sensations. Holds the certainty of a long life.

1990 Excellent

The wine presents an astounding richness of characteristics. Presents ample, intense and elegant aromas. A great harmony, softness and persisting aroma affirm its flavour sensations.

1991 GOOD

The wine presents a fine variety of ample and agreeable aromas. Rich and forthright to the palate. A good balance and a fair aromatic persistence.

1992 FAIR


A well-structured wine, with an excellent balance of its characteristics. A persistent and intense bouquet, presents noticeable tannins and acids with promising evolving probabilities. Great harmony and intense aromatic persistence.

1994 FAIR


Well-structured and generous. The vintage production was limited due to harsh summer hailstorms. Presents a great persistent and intense balance; abundant tannins and acidity. A wine with the certainty of a long life.

1996 GREAT

Generosity and a solid structure endow this wine with unique and noble characteristics. A majestic, intriguing and elegant wine with an intense, ample and persistent bouquet. Well-balanced in acidity, with tannins tending to sweet.

1997 Excellent

The wine presents an impressive richness of aromatic and flavour sensations. Well-structured and generous, with a great balance and harmony. All these qualities assure a great long life.

1998 GREAT

Excellent structure, force and nobility. This wine displays a bouquet of ample and persistent aromas. Acidity and tannins tending to sweet endow this wine with harmony and balance. Great longevity.

1999 Excellent

This wine is endowed with astounding qualities. Its bouquet consists of an immense variety of ample, elegant and persistent sensations. For its great harmony and balance it is striking to the taste.

2000 GREAT

A wine denoting a rich, ample and persistent bouquet which is enhanced by vanilla and spicy notes. Austere, rich and well-structured to the taste. It presents well-balanced acids and tannins with excellent probability of evolving.

2001 Excellent

This wine is endowed with extraordinary force and generosity. Its complex bouquet is rich in flavour and taste sensations. Greatly harmonious.

2002 GOOD

A generous and well-structured wine. Its ample and persistent bouquet consists of light organic and spicy notes. Presents a good sensation of warmth in the mouth with scents of ripe fruits and vanilla.

2003 GOOD

The vintage is memorable for its great drought and high temperatures. A persistent and ample aroma of ripe fruit and mountain hay. The taste in the mouth is warm and enveloping. Sweet tannins.

2004 Excellent

The wine presents a rich, complex, ample and intense bouquet consisting of sensations of licorice and berries; light notes of vanilla derive from the wood cask. Elegant and pleasingly tasty. Tannings tending to sweet.

2005 GREAT

A wine with aromas recalling the scent of roses, sweet spices and the undergrowth. Its alcohol and tannins tending to sweet combine into an excellent balance.


A well-structured wine with excellently balanced characteristics. A persistent and ample bouquet, its tannins and acidity are noticeable but they present good prospects of evolving.

2007 GREAT

Its pleasing, ample and intense bouquet recalls withered flowers, mint, undergrowth and vanilla. A full-bodied wine, with great balance and tannins tending to sweet.

2008 GREAT

A wine with a rich bouquet of sensations recalling withered roses, sweet spices and noble woods. Warm and significant. Tannins tending to sweet. A pleasing streak of acidity. It promises the certainty of long life.

2009 GREAT

A wine with a persistent, ample and intense bouquet. Recalls the scent of wilted rose, undergrowth, sweet spices and vanilla. Presents excellent structure and balance of acidity and tannins.


A well-structured wine presenting a good balance of characteristics. A persistent and ample bouquet, noticeable tannins and acidity with good probabilities of evolving. Harmonious and balanced.

2011 Excellent

A generous and well-structured wine. Presents a persistent and ample bouquet with light organic and spicy notes. The taste in the mouth shows a fair warm sensation recalling scents of ripe fruit and vanilla.

2012 GREAT

A vigorous and well-structured wine. Its bouquet is persistent and ample, presenting light organic and spicy notes. A good sensation of warmth in the mouth combined with ripe fruit and vanilla. Its acidity blends well with the soft sensation of tannins.

2013 GREAT

Great structure and personality. At the wide and persistent nose with light floral notes. In the mouth reveals a good feeling of warmth linked to hints of ripe fruit. The acidity is pleasant as well as the soft sensation of tannins.

2014 GOOD

Well structured. The bouquet is ample with vegetal and spicy notes. In the mouth reveals a good feeling of warmth linked to hints of ripe fruit. The acidity is well linked to the soft sensation of tannins.